Synonyms for absurdness

Grammar : Noun
Spell : ab-surd, -zurd
Phonetic Transcription : æbˈsɜrd, -ˈzɜrd

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Définition of absurdness

Origin :
  • 1550s, from Middle French absurde (16c.), from Latin absurdus "out of tune; foolish" (see absurdity). The main modern sense (also present in Latin) is a figurative one, "out of harmony with reason or propriety." Related: Absurdly; absurdness.
  • As in monkey business : noun shenanigans
  • As in imbecility : noun foolishness
  • As in senselessness : noun foolishness
  • As in foolishness : noun idiocy, nonsense
Example sentences :
  • The Key to the Brontë Works shows the absurdness of such a claim.
  • Extract from : « The Key to the Bront Works » by John Malham-Dembleby

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