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Grammar : Noun
Spell : prangk
Phonetic Transcription : præŋk

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Définition of prank

Origin :
  • "a ludicrous trick" [Johnson], 1520s, of uncertain origin, perhaps related to obsolete verb prank "decorate, dress up" (mid-15c.), related to Middle Low German prank "display" (cf. also Dutch pronken, German prunken "to make a show, to strut"). The verb in the modern sense also is from 1520s. Related: Pranked; pranking.
  • noun practical joke; frivolity
Example sentences :
  • Having retired to his own house, he often played off many a prank.
  • Extract from : « The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete » by Duc de Saint-Simon
  • In earliest youth he had been a merry prank; he was still a prank, but not often merry.
  • Extract from : « A Great Man » by Arnold Bennett
  • She smiled at him glowingly, thinking she had caught him at a prank.
  • Extract from : « Life Sentence » by James McConnell
  • Whether divine or of what origin I will not have judged by that night's prank of mine.
  • Extract from : « Simon Dale » by Anthony Hope
  • It might be a prank—or something like that—but it would n't be wrong.
  • Extract from : « The Cross-Cut » by Courtney Ryley Cooper
  • Graham sank into a chair, looking like a small boy caught in a prank.
  • Extract from : « Final Weapon » by Everett B. Cole
  • I declare I never can tell what prank you will be up to next.
  • Extract from : « Chatterbox, 1906 » by Various
  • As he stated, "It was far too good a prank to keep it to myself."
  • Extract from : « The Civilization of Illiteracy » by Mihai Nadin
  • Had it not been for this, I should have punished the lad severely for the prank he has played.
  • Extract from : « Salt Water » by W. H. G. Kingston
  • Bernard, I must request you never to play such a prank again.
  • Extract from : « Mauprat » by George Sand

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