Antonyms for nose-dive

Grammar : Noun, verb
Spell : nohz-dahyv
Phonetic Transcription : ˈnoʊzˌdaɪv

Definition of nose-dive

Origin :
  • "sudden large decrease," 1920, from airplane sense, first attested 1912, from nose (n.) + dive (n.). As a verb from 1915.
  • As in plunge : noun quick drop; enthusiastic attempt
  • As in header : noun plunge
  • As in nosedive : noun plunge
  • As in plummet : verb fall hard and fast
  • As in plunge : verb dive or fall fast
  • As in topple : verb fall or knock over; overthrow
  • As in tumble : verb fall or make fall awkwardly
  • As in dip : verb lower, descend
  • As in dive : verb descend, usually going underwater
  • As in drop : verb let go of; fall
  • As in fall : verb descend; become lower
Example sentences :
  • The effect will then be to keep the nose up and prevent a nose-dive.
  • Extract from : « The Aeroplane Speaks » by H. Barber
  • A nose-dive seemed inevitable, but once more she came to position.
  • Extract from : « Curlie Carson Listens In » by Roy J. Snell
  • As it was, it was really almost a nose-dive, and I did the first half of it with the throttle wide open.
  • Extract from : « Many Fronts » by Lewis R. Freeman
  • Well, Bridgeman isn't back and Tam said he saw him nose-dive behind the German trenches.
  • Extract from : « Tam O' The Scoots » by Edgar Wallace
  • She was then "on an even keel," but about to nose-dive towards the surface of the sea, barely a couple of hundred feet below.
  • Extract from : « Billy Barcroft, R.N.A.S. » by Percy F. Westerman
  • But he wouldn't quit yet; the activity might—probably would—take a nose-dive any instant.
  • Extract from : « The Vortex Blaster » by Edward Elmer Smith
  • I can loop and I can write my initials in fire on a still night—but damned if I do a nose-dive with nothing but a horse under me.
  • Extract from : « Skyrider » by B. M. Bower
  • Out of a nose-dive one Frenchman came when so near the ground that I had closed my eyes to avoid seeing the crash.
  • Extract from : « Huts in Hell » by Daniel A. Poling
  • It was no nose-dive, but bore all the marks of either an engine gone dead or of some mishap to the pilot.
  • Extract from : « Air Service Boys Flying for Victory » by Charles Amory Beach
  • He might have made a nose-dive, trusting to flatten out' and gain the surface of the water.
  • Extract from : « Billy Barcroft, R.N.A.S. » by Percy F. Westerman

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