Antonyms for nonentities

Grammar : Noun
Spell : non-en-ti-tee
Phonetic Transcription : nɒnˈɛn tɪ ti

Definition of nonentities

  • noun person of little importance
  • noun nonexistent thing
  • noun nullity
Example sentences :
  • Nonentities are not perceivable, and therefore not thinkable.
  • Extract from : « The Christian Foundation, Or, Scientific and Religious Journal, Volume I, No. 7, July, 1880 » by Various
  • It is more fun having notable people about than nonentities.
  • Extract from : « Dodo Wonders » by E. F. Benson
  • He preferred to work with nonentities, because they feared and obeyed him.
  • Extract from : « A History of England » by Charles Oman
  • The other characters of the play, with the exception of the two principal, are nonentities.
  • Extract from : « Bentley's Miscellany, Volume II » by Various
  • Nonentities are never slandered; they chafe because they are left in peace.
  • Extract from : « The Collection of Antiquities » by Honore de Balzac
  • The squire of a neighbouring village, who had been a long time in the number of nonentities, is entirely recovered by them.
  • Extract from : « The Tatler, Volume 3 » by Various
  • Those were the days of heroes and nonentities; soaring heroes, crawling nonentities.
  • Extract from : « Great Ralegh » by Hugh De Selincourt
  • And yet our annual picture exhibitions are crowded with the portraits of these nonentities.
  • Extract from : « An Englishman in Paris » by Albert D. (Albert Dresden) Vandam
  • The specialists view of the world logically narrows itself down to a race of nonentities for nothings.
  • Extract from : « The Lost Art of Reading » by Gerald Stanley Lee
  • Yet nonentities retained their commands, and they ruined the troops and the operations.
  • Extract from : « The Russian Turmoil » by Anton Ivanovich Denikin

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