Antonyms for necromantic

Grammar : Adj
Spell : nek-ruh-man-see
Phonetic Transcription : ˈnɛk rəˌmæn si

Definition of necromantic

Origin :
  • c.1300, nygromauncy, "divination by communication with the dead," from Old French nigromancie "magic, necromancy, witchcraft, sorcery," from Medieval Latin nigromantia (13c.), from Latin necromantia "divination from an exhumed corpse," from Greek nekromanteia, from nekros "dead body" (see necro-) + manteia "divination, oracle," from manteuesthai "to prophesy," from mantis "prophet" (see mania). Spelling influenced in Medieval Latin by niger "black," on notion of "black arts." Modern spelling is a mid-16c. correction. Related: Necromantic.
  • As in magic/magical : adj bewitching, charming
  • As in mysterious : adj secret, concealed
  • As in mystic/mystical : adj secret, esoteric
  • As in magical : adj bewitching
  • As in mystic : adj secret
  • As in mystifying : adj mysterious
  • As in talismanic : adj magic
  • As in thaumaturgic : adj magic
  • As in thaumaturgical : adj magic
  • As in theurgic : adj magic
  • As in theurgical : adj magic
Example sentences :
  • Necromantic magic is divided into Goëtic, maleficent, and theurgic.
  • Extract from : « Witch, Warlock, and Magician » by William Henry Davenport Adams

Synonyms for necromantic

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