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Grammar : Verb
Spell : nekt
Phonetic Transcription : nɛkt

Definition of necked

Origin :
  • Old English hnecca "neck, nape, back of the neck" (a fairly rare word) from Proto-Germanic *khnekkon "the nape of the neck" (cf. Old Frisian hnekka, Middle Dutch necke, Dutch nek, Old Norse hnakkr, Old High German hnach, German Nacken "neck"), with no certain cognates outside Germanic, though Klein's sources suggest PIE *knok- "high point, ridge" (cf. Old Irish cnocc, Welsh cnwch, Old Breton cnoch "hill").
  • The more usual Old English words were hals (the general Germanic word, cf. Gothic, Old Norse, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, German hals), cognate with Latin collum (see collar (n.)); and swira, probably also from a PIE root meaning "column" (cf. Sanskrit svaru- "post").
  • Transferred senses attested from c.1400. Phrase neck of the woods (American English) is attested from 1780 in the sense of "narrow stretch of woods;" 1839 with meaning "settlement in a wooded region." To stick one's neck out "take a risk" is first recorded 1919, American English. Horses running neck and neck is attested from 1799.
  • As in kiss : verb touch one's lips to another's
  • As in love : verb have sexual relations
  • As in pet : verb stroke, kiss
  • As in smooch : verb kiss
  • As in behead : verb decapitate
  • As in caress : verb touch lovingly
  • As in fondle : verb touch lovingly
Example sentences :
  • I smiled at Sid and went on tiptoes and necked out my head and kissed him on a powdery cheek just above an aromatic mustache.
  • Extract from : « No Great Magic » by Fritz Reuter Leiber
  • By gracious, you'd think I was necked up with a whole bunch uh George Washingtons!
  • Extract from : « The Happy Family » by Bertha Muzzy Bower
  • A quaint, sleepy mill no doubt it was—necked with moss and ivy—and the gaze of Shakespeare assuredly dwelt on it with pleasure.
  • Extract from : « Shakespeare's England » by William Winter
  • The most common species of these "necked barnacles" bears the name of "Lepas anatifera," "the duck-bearing Lepas."
  • Extract from : « Sea Monsters Unmasked and Sea Fables Explained » by Henry Lee

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