Synonyms for bear hug

Grammar : Noun
Spell : bair-huhg
Phonetic Transcription : ˈbɛərˌhʌg

Définition of bear hug

Origin :
  • 1876, from bear (n.) + hug (n.).
  • noun embracement
Example sentences :
  • Georgie came and was received with a bear hug and a shower of kisses.
  • Extract from : « Thankful's Inheritance » by Joseph C. Lincoln
  • How are your ribs feeling, after that bear hug you got this afternoon?
  • Extract from : « Baseball Joe Around the World » by Lester Chadwick
  • Never mind your cap; I must give you a bear hug, if I die for it.
  • Extract from : « A College Girl » by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  • With that he shakes me by both hands, gives me a bear hug, and rushes off.
  • Extract from : « The House of Torchy » by Sewell Ford
  • He clapped his arms around me at once and gave me a bear hug.
  • Extract from : « Paradise Garden » by George Gibbs
  • Then over their own clasping had come the man's bear hug and little laughs and screams from her pretty mother.
  • Extract from : « Under the Law » by Edwina Stanton Babcock
  • The Rough Red jerked him to his feet, delivered a bear hug that nearly crushed his ribs, and pounded him mightily on the back.
  • Extract from : « The Riverman » by Stewart Edward White
  • "We've lost a lot of time, I'm afraid," said Ethelwyn after they had given her a bear hug and a kiss.
  • Extract from : « What Two Children Did » by Charlotte E. Chittenden
  • If Charles stepped inside it, the man would grab him in a bear hug and knife him in the back.
  • Extract from : « The Syndic » by C.M. Kornbluth
  • He threw his great arms about me and gave me a "bear hug," and then held me at arms' length and looked me over.
  • Extract from : « Adventures in Swaziland » by Owen Rowe O'Neil

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