Synonyms for forbearance

Grammar : Noun
Spell : fawr-bair-uhns
Phonetic Transcription : fɔrˈbɛər əns

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Définition of forbearance

Origin :
  • 1570s, originally legal, in reference to enforcement of debt obligations, from forbear (v.) + -ance. General sense of "refraining from" is from 1590s.
  • noun resisting, avoidance
Example sentences :
  • It was the greatest stretch of forbearance I could practise.
  • Extract from : « Lady Susan » by Jane Austen
  • You must suppress your gratitude, and endeavour to forget my forbearance in the matter of the bracelet.
  • Extract from : « Barnaby Rudge » by Charles Dickens
  • He did not understand the law or appreciate their forbearance.
  • Extract from : « Bunyan » by James Anthony Froude
  • There is a limit to forbearance and I considered that limit reached.
  • Extract from : « The Rise of Roscoe Paine » by Joseph C. Lincoln
  • When the memory of it returns to me I marvel at my own forbearance.
  • Extract from : « The Trampling of the Lilies » by Rafael Sabatini
  • She had been badly dealt with by her allies, but forbearance was her rule of living.
  • Extract from : « England and Germany » by Emile Joseph Dillon
  • It has a European reputation for long-suffering, patience, and forbearance.
  • Extract from : « A Day's Ride » by Charles James Lever
  • "I have no use for your forbearance," muttered General Feraud, gloomily.
  • Extract from : « A Set of Six » by Joseph Conrad
  • I have really imposed too much upon every one's forbearance.
  • Extract from : « Tony Butler » by Charles James Lever
  • For this—as you are never to be paid—the obligation of your forbearance will be the greater.
  • Extract from : « Nuts and Nutcrackers » by Charles James Lever

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