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Grammar : Noun, verb
Spell : kluhch
Phonetic Transcription : klʌtʃ

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Définition of clutch

Origin :
  • Old English clyccan "bring together, bend (the fingers), clench," from PIE *klukja- (cf. Swedish klyka "clamp, fork;" related to cling). Meaning "to grasp" is early 14c.; that of "to seize with the claws or clutches" is from late 14c. Sense of "hold tightly and close" is from c.1600. Influenced in meaning by Middle English cloke "a claw." Related: Clutched; clutching.
  • noun strong hold
  • verb grab, snatch
Example sentences :
  • For the hand he held was shaking like some slender-stalked lily in the clutch of the sirocco.
  • Extract from : « Within the Law » by Marvin Dana
  • There was a clutch on her throat just then, which would not relax at the call of her will.
  • Extract from : « Within the Law » by Marvin Dana
  • "Brake foot, clutch foot," said Johnny, and closed his eyes again.
  • Extract from : « K » by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • The most easy to understand is the clutch, a model of which I have on the table.
  • Extract from : « Scientific American Supplement, No. 447, July 26, 1884 » by Various
  • The old hands stretched out as if to clutch hers--then fell inert.
  • Extract from : « In the Valley » by Harold Frederic
  • Quietly the latter threw in the clutch for the third speed—and the fourth.
  • Extract from : « The Black Bag » by Louis Joseph Vance
  • Stronger than the physical restraint of the stick was the clutch of the camp upon her.
  • Extract from : « White Fang » by Jack London
  • The clutch of fear made him shout their names, though he knew they could not hear.
  • Extract from : « Now We Are Three » by Joe L. Hensley
  • They clutch hold of you at the back of your head just as if somebody were breathing down your back.
  • Extract from : « His Masterpiece » by Emile Zola
  • He scrambled after it, but it dodged his clutch and rolled and bounded on.
  • Extract from : « Galusha the Magnificent » by Joseph C. Lincoln

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