Antonyms for nebulosity

Grammar : Noun
Spell : neb-yuh-los-i-tee
Phonetic Transcription : ˌnɛb yəˈlɒs ɪ ti

Definition of nebulosity

Origin :
  • 1738, from French nébulosité, from Late Latin nebulositatem (nominative nebulositas), from Latin nebulosus, from nebula (see nebula).
  • As in cloud : noun mass of water particles in air
Example sentences :
  • The nebulosity of the ten-foot can be resolved into stars by the twenty-foot, and so on.
  • Extract from : « Sir William Herschel: His Life and Works » by Edward Singleton Holden
  • Prof. Barnard adds that the nebulosity is easily visible in a 12-inch telescope.
  • Extract from : « Astronomical Curiosities » by J. Ellard Gore
  • Speculated concerning the Milky Way, the nebulosity of stars, the origin and growth of solar systems.
  • Extract from : « Pioneers of Science » by Oliver Lodge
  • The convolutions of its spiral are filled with numerous starlike condensations, themselves engulfed in nebulosity.
  • Extract from : « Astronomy » by David Todd
  • It is the nebulosity out of which the whole came and into which all is ultimately occluded.
  • Extract from : « The Mystery of Space » by Robert T. Browne
  • Photographs show that the brighter stars of the Pleiades are involved in nebulosity.
  • Extract from : « Astronomical Curiosities » by J. Ellard Gore
  • There are bristled comets; these resemble the skins of beasts with the fur on them, and are surrounded by a nebulosity.
  • Extract from : « Astronomy for Amateurs » by Camille Flammarion
  • By going back as far as possible, we thus arrive at a nebulosity so diffused that its existence could hardly be suspected.
  • Extract from : « A History of Science, Volume 3(of 5) » by Henry Smith Williams
  • There are bristling comets, they are like the skins of beasts with their hair on, and are surrounded by a nebulosity.
  • Extract from : « Astronomical Myths » by John F. Blake
  • A later writer on astronomy said that the substance of the nebulosity and the tail is of almost inconceivable tenuity.
  • Extract from : « Remarks » by Bill Nye

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