Antonyms for naughts

Grammar : Noun
Spell : nawt
Phonetic Transcription : nɔt

Definition of naughts

Origin :
  • Old English nawiht "nothing," lit "no whit," from na "no" (from PIE root *ne- "no, not;" see un- (1)) + wiht "thing, creature, being" (see wight). Cognate with Old Saxon neowiht "nothing," Old High German niwiht, Gothic ni waihts. It also developed an adjectival sense in Old English, "good for nothing," which by mid-16c. had focused to "morally bad, wicked." In arithmetic, "the figure zero" from 1640s.
  • As in nothing/nothingness : noun emptiness, nonexistence
  • As in zero : noun nothing
  • As in zilch : noun nothing
  • As in nothing : noun emptiness
  • As in nullity : noun nothing
  • As in diddly : noun nothing
  • As in cipher : noun zero; nothingness
Example sentences :
  • One player chooses to write "naughts" (o) and the other "crosses" (x).
  • Extract from : « Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium » by Jessie H. Bancroft

Synonyms for naughts

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