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Grammar : Noun

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Définition of tight squeeze

  • As in near miss : noun near hit
  • As in pinch : noun predicament
  • As in close call : noun narrow escape
Example sentences :
  • And then Nick Smithers gave the girl's hand a tight squeeze.
  • Extract from : « From Farm to Fortune » by Horatio Alger Jr.
  • He gave Jessie's hand a tight squeeze and then kissed his sister.
  • Extract from : « Dave Porter in the Gold Fields » by Edward Stratemeyer
  • Did the Indians notice that there was going to be a tight squeeze there?
  • Extract from : « Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences » by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
  • “I had a tight squeeze, with old Crabtree,” came from Bart Conners.
  • Extract from : « The Putnam Hall Rivals » by Arthur M. Winfield
  • Doctor Dempsy gave the hand inside the rubber glove a tight squeeze.
  • Extract from : « Leerie » by Ruth Sawyer
  • "And I like you, Jack," replied Hal, giving his hand a tight squeeze.
  • Extract from : « The Missing Tin Box » by Arthur M. Winfield
  • Her hand shook as it clasped Glen's arm with a tight squeeze.
  • Extract from : « The Sweep Winner » by Nat Gould
  • In spite of the enlargement of the entrance we had made, it was still a tight squeeze for us to get in.
  • Extract from : « Before Adam » by Jack London
  • It'll be a tight squeeze, but we can all fit into one craft.
  • Extract from : « Danger in Deep Space » by Carey Rockwell
  • It was a tight squeeze, but at last he got out, and stood on his feet in the entry.
  • Extract from : « Frank and Fearless » by Horatio Alger Jr.

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