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Grammar : Adj
Spell : ser-prahy-zing, suh-
Phonetic Transcription : sərˈpraɪ zɪŋ, sə-

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Définition of surprising

Origin :
  • late 14c., "unexpected attack or capture," from Middle French surprise "a taking unawares," from noun use of past participle of Old French surprendre "to overtake," from sur- "over" (see sur-) + prendre "to take," from Latin prendere, contracted from prehendere "to grasp, seize" (see prehensile). Meaning "something unexpected" first recorded 1590s, that of "feeling caused by something unexpected" is c.1600. Meaning "fancy dish" is attested from 1708.
  • A Surprize is ... a dish ... which promising little from its first appearance, when open abounds with all sorts of variety. [W. King, "Cookery," 1708]
  • Surprise party originally was a military detachment (1841); festive sense is attested from 1858.
  • adj unexpected
Example sentences :
  • But he could not help looking back to wonder at the surprising likeness.
  • Extract from : « Brave and Bold » by Horatio Alger
  • There seemed to be no reserve with this surprising young person.
  • Extract from : « K » by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • Under the circumstances, it is surprising how much of plainness women have preserved.
  • Extract from : « The Bacillus of Beauty » by Harriet Stark
  • My chief pleasure in life, professor, is the surprising of you.
  • Extract from : « In the Midst of Alarms » by Robert Barr
  • We use modern methods on Indian material and the results are most surprising.
  • Extract from : « Her Father's Daughter » by Gene Stratton-Porter
  • Is it surprising that the public is clamoring for the complete elimination of the breweries?
  • Extract from : « Government by the Brewers? » by Adolph Keitel
  • Nighttime in the tropics descends with a surprising rapidity.
  • Extract from : « Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates » by Howard Pyle
  • What a surprising display of the perfections of the blessed God!
  • Extract from : « Female Scripture Biographies, Vol. II » by Francis Augustus Cox
  • This was not surprising, for the den was only half a mile away.
  • Extract from : « Johnny Bear » by E. T. Seton
  • Talking of his pistols, he's the most surprising shot I ever saw.
  • Extract from : « The Hunted Outlaw » by Anonymous

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