Synonyms for re grows

Grammar : Noun
Spell : groh
Phonetic Transcription : groʊ

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Définition of re grows

Origin :
  • Old English growan (of plants) "to grow, flourish, increase, develop, get bigger" (class VII strong verb; past tense greow, past participle growen), from Proto-Germanic *gro- (cf. Old Norse groa, Old Frisian groia, Dutch groeien, Old High German gruoen), from PIE root *ghre- (see grass). Applied in Middle English to human beings (c.1300) and animals (early 15c.) and their parts, supplanting Old English weaxan (see wax (v.)).
  • Have you ever heard anything about God, Topsy? ... Do you know who made you?" "Nobody, as I knows on," said the child. ... "I spect I grow'd. Don't think nobody never made me." [Harriet B. Stowe, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," 1851]
  • As in coppice : noun woods
Example sentences :
  • As Re grows old "the men who were begotten of his eye" show signs of rebellion.
  • Extract from : « The Evolution of the Dragon » by G. Elliot Smith

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