Synonyms for penthouse

Grammar : Noun
Spell : pent-hous
Phonetic Transcription : ˈpɛntˌhaʊs

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Définition of penthouse

Origin :
  • pendize, early 14c., from Anglo-French pentiz, a shortening of Old French apentis "attached building, appendage," from Medieval Latin appendicium, from Latin appendere "to hang" (see append). Modern spelling is from c.1530, by folk etymology influence of Middle French pente "slope," and English house (the meaning at that time was "attached building with a sloping roof or awning"). Originally a simple structure (Middle English homilies describe Jesus' birthplace in the manger as a "penthouse"); meaning "apartment or small house built on the roof of a skyscraper" first recorded 1921, from which time dates its association with luxury.
  • As in aerie : noun nest
  • As in lean-to : noun shelter
  • As in apartment : noun set of rooms for rent
Example sentences :
  • It is the diminutive of pluteus, a shed or penthouse, from its conical cap.
  • Extract from : « The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise » by M. E. Hard
  • The car whisked them up to the penthouse which topped it, and they landed on the terrace.
  • Extract from : « Medal of Honor » by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  • Nicholas was watching him from under the penthouse of his eyebrows.
  • Extract from : « Antony Gray,--Gardener » by Leslie Moore
  • This formed a species of penthouse, which they placed in the moat.
  • Extract from : « The Usurper » by Judith Gautier
  • The arrows aimed at them rebounded from the roof of the penthouse.
  • Extract from : « The Usurper » by Judith Gautier
  • I do not breathe in the penthouse in which they would immure my soul.
  • Extract from : « Alone » by Marion Harland
  • Making his way through the penthouse he passed on to the roof.
  • Extract from : « The Chronicles of Newgate, vol. 1/2 » by Arthur Griffiths
  • As I examined it he watched me in silence from beneath his penthouse brows.
  • Extract from : « Thomas Hardy's Dorset » by Robert Thurston Hopkins
  • He lies buried—in my name—within the walls of Penthouse Prison.
  • Extract from : « Dead Man's Love » by Tom Gallon
  • Edestone first went over and examined this penthouse with great care.
  • Extract from : « L. P. M. » by J. Stewart Barney
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