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Grammar : Noun
Spell : pair-ing
Phonetic Transcription : ˈpɛər ɪŋ

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Définition of parings

Origin :
  • "to trim by cutting close," c.1300, from Old French parer "arrange, prepare; trim, adorn," and directly from Latin parare "make ready, furnish, provide, arrange, order," related to parere "produce, bring forth, give birth to," from PIE root *pere- "produce, procure, bring forward, bring forth," and derived words in diverse senses (cf. Lithuanian pariu "to brood," Greek poris "calf, bull," Old High German farro, German Farre "bullock," Old English fearr "bull," Sanskrit prthukah "child, calf, young of an animal," Czech spratek "brat, urchin, premature calf"). Generalized meaning "to reduce something little by little" is from 1520s. Related: Pared; paring.
  • As in residue : noun leftover part
  • As in sliver : noun tiny piece, usually of wood or metal
  • As in splinter : noun thin piece of solid
  • As in chip : noun shard, flaw
Example sentences :
  • Pare and core the fruit, after being wiped clean; then boil the cores and parings in a little water, till it tastes well.
  • Extract from : « The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches, » by Mary Eaton
  • For John is rich, and what does he care for odds and ends and parings?
  • Extract from : « The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 86, December, 1864 » by Various
  • One day I cooked a squash, putting the parings in a swill pail.
  • Extract from : « Old Rail Fence Corners » by Various
  • The pigs were Cedric's, but Gurth too would get his parings of them.
  • Extract from : « Past and Present » by Thomas Carlyle
  • Save the parings and cores, and also some of the water in which the quinces were boiled.
  • Extract from : « Miss Leslie's Lady's New Receipt-Book » by Eliza Leslie
  • A jelly may be made of the parings and cores for family use.
  • Extract from : « The National Cook Book, 9th ed. » by Hannah Mary Peterson
  • Oh rogue, of what devilish stuff are these dice made of,—the parings of the devils corns of his toes, that they run thus damnably?
  • Extract from : « The Mermaid Series. Edited by H. Ellis. The best plays of the old dramatists. Thomas Dekker. Edited, with an introduction and notes by Ernest Rhys. » by Thomas Dekker
  • With the parings of the finger-nails which Christians cut on the Sunday.
  • Extract from : « Basque Legends » by Wentworth Webster
  • Place the parings in a preserving kettle and cover with cold water.
  • Extract from : « Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book » by Mary A. Wilson
  • If he cuts his nails, he must throw the parings into a thicket.
  • Extract from : « The Land of Footprints » by Stewart Edward White

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