Synonyms for paring

Grammar : Verb
Spell : pair-ing
Phonetic Transcription : ˈpɛər ɪŋ

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Définition of paring

Origin :
  • "to trim by cutting close," c.1300, from Old French parer "arrange, prepare; trim, adorn," and directly from Latin parare "make ready, furnish, provide, arrange, order," related to parere "produce, bring forth, give birth to," from PIE root *pere- "produce, procure, bring forward, bring forth," and derived words in diverse senses (cf. Lithuanian pariu "to brood," Greek poris "calf, bull," Old High German farro, German Farre "bullock," Old English fearr "bull," Sanskrit prthukah "child, calf, young of an animal," Czech spratek "brat, urchin, premature calf"). Generalized meaning "to reduce something little by little" is from 1520s. Related: Pared; paring.
  • verb peel, trim
Example sentences :
  • I will not surrender a Wampanoag, nor the paring of a Wampanoag's nail.
  • Extract from : « King Philip » by John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot) Abbott
  • He was paring his mourning fringed nails with great indifference.
  • Extract from : « Garrison's Finish » by W. B. M. Ferguson
  • And then goes on with her snipping and paring with the heartiest unconcern.
  • Extract from : « Molly Bawn » by Margaret Wolfe Hamilton
  • They are circumcision; shaving off the hair from the head and the body; the paring of the nails.
  • Extract from : « The Faith of Islam » by Edward Sell
  • Held in this way the chisel has no equal for paring except the plane.
  • Extract from : « Handwork in Wood » by William Noyes
  • Paring with the chisel is the method used in cutting stop chamfers.
  • Extract from : « Handwork in Wood » by William Noyes
  • In sidewise chiseling the chisel is held in the same manner as in paring.
  • Extract from : « Handwork in Wood » by William Noyes
  • With a clasp-knife he was cutting the leather in a spiral, paring off a thin lace.
  • Extract from : « One Man's Initiation--1917 » by John Dos Passos
  • He then peeled it and began shaping the stick by paring off the thicker end.
  • Extract from : « The Rival Crusoes » by W.H.G. Kingston
  • In Fig. 226 we see the tool operation when paring out the hinge recess.
  • Extract from : « Woodwork Joints » by William Fairham

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