Synonyms for papoose

Grammar : Noun
Spell : pa-poos, puh-
Phonetic Transcription : pæˈpus, pə-

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Définition of papoose

Origin :
  • 1630s, from Narragansett papoos "child," or a similar New England Algonquian word; said to mean literally "very young."
  • As in baby : noun infant
  • As in milquetoast : noun baby
  • As in neonate : noun baby
  • As in nursling : noun baby
Example sentences :
  • But she's also a female woman, an' owns a papoose of her own.
  • Extract from : « Faro Nell and Her Friends » by Alfred Henry Lewis
  • He likes children, too, 'cause he's always talking about a papoose.
  • Extract from : « Six Little Bunkers at Uncle Fred's » by Laura Lee Hope
  • Noticing the papoose which she carries strapped in a basket at her back.
  • Extract from : « The Arrow-Maker » by Mary Austin
  • When she came to herself both the bear and the papoose were gone.
  • Extract from : « Three Boys in the Wild North Land » by Egerton Ryerson Young
  • For two months did Amine remain under the care of the Papoose woman.
  • Extract from : « The Phantom Ship » by Frederick Marryat
  • Not a single red-skin, male or female, nor even a papoose, was suffered to escape.
  • Extract from : « Buckskin Mose » by Buckskin Mose
  • The former was wrapped in an Indian blanket, and carried a papoose on her back.
  • Extract from : « The Thorn in the Nest » by Martha Finley
  • "Me hungry; papoose hungry," pointing to the little one trotting at her side.
  • Extract from : « The Thorn in the Nest » by Martha Finley
  • All right, I hope, and Nanette and the papoose, they are well?
  • Extract from : « The Lady of North Star » by Ottwell J. Binns
  • I knew they wouldn't shoot at me as long as I held to that papoose.
  • Extract from : « Cowboy Life on the Sidetrack » by Frank Benton

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