Synonyms for minuscular

Grammar : Adj
Spell : min-uh-skyool, mi-nuhs-kyool
Phonetic Transcription : ˈmɪn əˌskyul, mɪˈnʌs kyul

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Définition of minuscular

Origin :
  • 1705, "small (not capital) letter;" as an adjective, "small," from 1727 (in printing; general sense of "extremely small" by 1893), from French minuscule (17c.), from Latin minuscula, in minuscula littera "slightly smaller letter," fem. of minusculus "rather less, rather small," diminutive of minus "less" (see minus). Related: Minuscular.
  • As in tiny : adj very small
  • As in wee : adj very small, tiny
  • As in Lilliputian : adj tiny
  • As in pintsize : adj tiny
  • As in pintsized : adj tiny
  • As in teensy : adj tiny
  • As in teensy-weensy : adj tiny
  • As in teeny-weeny : adj tiny
  • As in weeny : adj tiny

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