Synonyms for medicinal

Grammar : Adj
Spell : muh-dis-uh-nl
Phonetic Transcription : məˈdɪs ə nl

Définition of medicinal

Origin :
  • late 14c., from Old French medicinal and directly from Latin medicinalis "pertaining to medicine," from medicina (see medicine). Related: Medicinally.
  • adj curative
Example sentences :
  • Now as to the verisimilitude, the miraculousness, and the fact, of this medicinal oil.
  • Extract from : « Apologia Pro Vita Sua » by John Henry Cardinal Newman
  • In dietetic and medicinal qualities, these fruits are also much alike.
  • Extract from : « Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 462 » by Various
  • It has its medicinal springs, which are beneficial in a variety of diseases.
  • Extract from : « Down the Rhine » by Oliver Optic
  • In this case the medicinal virtue seems to come with the change of the moon.
  • Extract from : « Moon Lore » by Timothy Harley
  • Medicinal Waters, are found in different parts of the State.
  • Extract from : « A New Guide for Emigrants to the West » by J. M. Peck
  • It is true that there is some mineral solution in the water, but this is not of medicinal value.
  • Extract from : « The Cornwall Coast » by Arthur L. Salmon
  • Who does not know that medicinal aggravations are particularly to be dreaded in this malady?
  • Extract from : « Apis Mellifica » by C. W. Wolf
  • The medicinal power which seems to be most adequate to this end, is undoubtedly Apis.
  • Extract from : « Apis Mellifica » by C. W. Wolf
  • I effected all this without any other medicinal aid, or without resorting to an operation.
  • Extract from : « Apis Mellifica » by C. W. Wolf
  • For medicinal purposes, we are as free as possible from all complexity.
  • Extract from : « Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why » by Martha M. Allen

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