Synonyms for euphoria

Grammar : Noun
Spell : yoo-fawr-ee-uh, -fohr-
Phonetic Transcription : yuˈfɔr i ə, -ˈfoʊr-

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Définition of euphoria

Origin :
  • 1727, a physician's term for "condition of feeling healthy and comfortable (especially when sick)," medical Latin, from Greek euphoria "power of enduring easily," from euphoros, literally "bearing well," from eu "well" (see eu-) + pherein "to carry" (see infer). Non-technical use, now the main one, dates to 1882 and is perhaps a reintroduction.
  • noun extreme happiness
Example sentences :
  • When he had awakened, it had been with the euphoria all gone and with his present hangover.
  • Extract from : « The Stars, My Brothers » by Edmond Hamilton
  • Metchnikoff speaks somewhere of an instinct toward death and the euphoria which accompanies its realization.
  • Extract from : « Creative Intelligence » by John Dewey, Addison W. Moore, Harold Chapman Brown, George H. Mead, Boyd H. Bode, Henry Waldgrave, Stuart James, Hayden Tufts, Horace M. Kallen
  • The baby seems to smile, at first, just from good spirits (euphoria).
  • Extract from : « Psychology » by Robert S. Woodworth
  • It seems to be one form of the random activity that goes with euphoria.
  • Extract from : « Psychology » by Robert S. Woodworth
  • Alcohol has a very definite tendency to produce a state of euphoria, that is, of well-being.
  • Extract from : « Health Through Will Power » by James J. Walsh
  • Everyone roughly within a radius of fifty feet—I've checked the limit a thousand times—immediately feels a sort of euphoria.
  • Extract from : « Assignment's End » by Roger Dee
  • By some of the earlier botanical works the litchi is placed either in the genus Dimocarpus or Euphoria.
  • Extract from : « The Nut Culturist » by Andrew S. Fuller
  • There is no metaphysical hair-splitting in An Enemy of the People, nor sentimental talk about euphoria and going happily to death.
  • Extract from : « Ivory Apes and Peacocks » by James Huneker
  • Of these, remains of Lachnosterna were found in 27 stomachs and of Allorhina and Euphoria in one each.
  • Extract from : « Food Habits of the Thrushes of the United States » by F. E. L. Beal
  • It was against the law for dozy-pills to produce a sensation of euphoria, of well-being.
  • Extract from : « Operation: Outer Space » by William Fitzgerald Jenkins

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