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Grammar : Noun
Spell : glee
Phonetic Transcription : gli

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Définition of glee

Origin :
  • Old English gliu, gliw "entertainment, mirth, jest, play, sport," presumably from a Proto-Germanic *gleujam but absent in other Germanic languages except for the rare Old Norse gly "joy;" probably related to glad. A poetry word in Old English and Middle English, obsolete c.1500-c.1700, it somehow found its way back to currency late 18c. In Old English, an entertainer was a gleuman (female gleo-mægden). Glee club (1814) is from the secondary sense of "unaccompanied part-song" (1650s) as a form of musical entertainment.
  • noun extreme happiness
Example sentences :
  • The old lady turned back into the house, and her face was alive with glee.
  • Extract from : « Meadow Grass » by Alice Brown
  • Right at him came the donkey, braying as though in glee at the trick he had played.
  • Extract from : « Frank Roscoe's Secret » by Allen Chapman
  • What a sudden sort of glee the night he discovered Bernard Shaw!
  • Extract from : « The Harbor » by Ernest Poole
  • But suddenly the glee died—as suddenly as if a button had snapped off the current.
  • Extract from : « The Floating Island of Madness » by Jason Kirby
  • At the gate of Elm Cottage the dog came up to him, barking with glee.
  • Extract from : « The Manxman » by Hall Caine
  • "Ay, faith, you do," The McMurrough chimed in with a sort of glee.
  • Extract from : « The Wild Geese » by Stanley John Weyman
  • Nettie lifted upon her, eyes that danced with mischief and glee.
  • Extract from : « The Doctor's Family » by Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant
  • Say, Belle, do you know they took my voice and fitted a glee club to it?
  • Extract from : « Rim o' the World » by B. M. Bower
  • The gods shouted and laughed with glee when they saw how all his efforts were in vain.
  • Extract from : « Told by the Northmen: » by E. M. [Ethel Mary] Wilmot-Buxton
  • But the serious mood was soon displaced by a fresh access of glee.
  • Extract from : « Red, White, Blue Socks, Part First » by Sarah L Barrow

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