Synonyms for calisthenics

Grammar : Noun
Spell : kal-uh s-then-iks
Phonetic Transcription : ˌkæl əsˈθɛn ɪks

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Définition of calisthenics

Origin :
  • 1847 (calisthenic (adj.) is from 1839), formed on model of French callisthenie, from Latinized comb. form of Greek kallos "beauty" + sthenos "strength" + -ics. Originally, gymnastic exercises suitable for girls and meant to develop the figure and promote graceful movement. The proper Greek, if there was such a word in Greek, would have been *kallistheneia.
  • As in daily dozen : noun calisthenic exercises performed daily
  • As in physical education : noun fitness education
  • As in exercise : noun work, effort
  • As in gymnastics : noun acrobatic exercise
Example sentences :
  • The extensive system of calisthenics gives to the body suppleness.
  • Extract from : « Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence » by Various
  • In the schools not so equipped the physical work is confined to calisthenics.
  • Extract from : « The New Education » by Scott Nearing
  • Now, Van Twiller was an enthusiast on the subject of calisthenics.
  • Extract from : « Mademoiselle Olympe Zabriski » by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
  • This was not as with us, but more of the form of calisthenics.
  • Extract from : « The Historical Child » by Oscar Chrisman
  • I wish them to be thoroughly taught, especially music and calisthenics.
  • Extract from : « Holiday Stories for Young People » by Various
  • At 8.30 we march into the school-room, where we have prayers and calisthenics.
  • Extract from : « Mary Cary » by Kate Langley Bosher
  • It is recommended that calisthenics and physical culture activities be carried on in large groups.
  • Extract from : « Area Handbook for Albania » by Eugene K. Keefe
  • In calisthenics of any kind the more slowly and carefully the exercise is performed the greater will be the benefit.
  • Extract from : « The Woman Beautiful » by Helen Follett Stevans
  • Invalids go in for calisthenics; for invalids (alone of all human beings) desire strength.
  • Extract from : « All Things Considered » by G. K. Chesterton
  • Miss Beach is quite competent to teach Emmie spelling and you dancing and calisthenics, and her manners are not your business.
  • Extract from : « The Open Question » by Elizabeth Robins

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