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Grammar : Verb
Spell : verb uh-gloot-n-eyt; adjective uh-gloot-n-it, -eyt
Phonetic Transcription : verb əˈglut nˌeɪt; adjective əˈglut n ɪt, -ˌeɪt

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Définition of agglutinate

Origin :
  • 1580s (from 1540s as a past participle adjective), from Latin agglutinatus, past participle of agglutinare (see agglutination). Related: Agglutinated; agglutinating.
  • As in join : verb unite
  • As in fuse : verb meld, intermix
Example sentences :
  • At any rate, the agglutinate character of the language is indicated.
  • Extract from : « Opuscula » by Robert Gordon Latham
  • The mixture is then gently heated to drive off the excess of sulphuretted hydrogen and to agglutinate the sulphur.
  • Extract from : « Cooley's Practical Receipts, Volume II » by Arnold Cooley
  • Concentrated sulphuric acid causes it to agglutinate into resin-like lumps, with the accession of an intense blood-red colour.
  • Extract from : « Cooley's Practical Receipts, Volume II » by Arnold Cooley
  • To the agglutinate languages belong the American and Turanian families.
  • Extract from : « The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Volume 3 » by Hubert Howe Bancroft
  • This serves to agglutinate it into the form of concretions, constituting the tapioca of commerce.
  • Extract from : « The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom » by P. L. Simmonds
  • Agglutinate languages, languages composed of parts which are words glued together, so to speak, as cowherd.
  • Extract from : « The Nuttall Encyclopaedia » by Edited by Rev. James Wood
  • Undiluted normal blood can agglutinate most bacteria, but loses this power when diluted to any considerable degree.
  • Extract from : « A Manual of Clinical Diagnosis » by James Campbell Todd
  • One or two instances may suffice to show the agglutinate character of the language.
  • Extract from : « The First Landing on Wrangel Island » by Irving C. Rosse

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