Synonyms for affirmatives

Grammar : Noun
Spell : uh-fur-muh-tiv
Phonetic Transcription : əˈfɜr mə tɪv

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Définition of affirmatives

Origin :
  • "answering 'yes,'" mid-15c., from use in logic; from Middle French affirmatif (13c.), from Latin affirmativus, from affirmat-, past participle stem of affirmare (see affirm). As a noun from early 15c. Affirmative action "positive or corrective effort by employers to prevent discrimination in hiring or promotion" is attested from 1935 with regard to labor unions; specific racial sense is from 1961; now often used more generally in reference to hiring quotas, etc.
  • As in nod : noun gesture of the head
  • As in aye : noun yes
Example sentences :
  • Now this issue is made up of two affirmatives and no negative.
  • Extract from : « The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume Two » by Abraham Lincoln
  • Courtenay and I bowed our affirmatives with all the grace we could muster.
  • Extract from : « The Rover's Secret » by Harry Collingwood
  • Now, this issue is made up of two affirmatives, and no negative.
  • Extract from : « The Life Of Abraham Lincoln » by Ward H. Lamon
  • Now, this issue is made up of two affirmatives and no negative.
  • Extract from : « Life of Abraham Lincoln » by Frank Crosby
  • The bill was passed by a bare quorum, 28 affirmatives out of 52.
  • Extract from : « Thirty Years' View (Vol. II of 2) » by Thomas Hart Benton
  • The chorus of affirmatives was short one voice—that of Splinters.
  • Extract from : « Motor Matt; or, The King of the Wheel » by Stanley R. Matthews
  • Aristotle passes next to Affirmatives, both Universal and Particular.
  • Extract from : « Aristotle » by George Grote
  • A chorus of affirmatives from the bandits strengthened Kells's statement.
  • Extract from : « The Border Legion » by Zane Grey
  • But really the premisses given are only two affirmatives of the Second Figure.
  • Extract from : « Logic, Inductive and Deductive » by William Minto
  • Affirmatives bind not semper et ad semper, as negatives or prohibitions do.
  • Extract from : « A Christian Directory (Part 2 of 4) » by Richard Baxter

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