Synonyms for ad lib

Grammar : Adj, adv, noun, verb
Spell : ad-lib, ad-
Phonetic Transcription : ædˈlɪb, ˈæd-

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Définition of ad lib

Origin :
  • 1811, shortened from Latin ad libitum "at one's pleasure, as much as one likes" (c.1600), from libere "to please" (see libido). First recorded as one word 1919 (v.), 1925 (n.).
  • As in impromptu : adj unrehearsed, improvised
  • As in improvised : adj made-up
  • As in impulsive : adj tending to act without thought
  • As in off the cuff : adj impromptu
  • As in spontaneous : adj impulsive, willing
  • As in unprepared : adj not ready
  • As in unrehearsed : adj spontaneous
  • As in extemporaneous : adj improvised
  • As in rough-and-ready : adj crude but serviceable
  • As in off-the-cuff : adj extemporaneous
  • As in spur-of-the-moment : adj extemporaneous
  • As in ad-lib : adj at one's pleasure
  • As in extemporaneous/extemporary : adj unrehearsed, improvised
  • As in ad libitum : adv at one's pleasure
  • As in off the cuff : adv without preparation
  • As in spontaneously : adv instinctively
  • As in ad-lib : adv in an improvised manner
  • As in extemporization : noun improvisation
  • As in improvise : verb make up
  • As in invent : verb create, think up
  • As in make up : verb create
  • As in wing it : verb improvise
  • As in ad-lib : verb improvise speech
  • As in concoct : verb formulate, think up
  • As in devise : verb conceive, dream up
  • As in extemporize : verb improvise
Example sentences :
  • That doesn't mean that every individual is a bit of both, or either, ad lib.
  • Extract from : « Fantasia of the Unconscious » by D. H. Lawrence
  • One day, however, De Beers astonished the Colonel by offering to manufacture shells, ad lib.
  • Extract from : « The Siege of Kimberley » by T. Phelan
  • It consisted of a monologue delivered by the poisonous young woman to the macaw, occasionally varied by ad lib.
  • Extract from : « The Book of Susan » by Lee Wilson Dodd
  • The general belief, in consequence, was that I had committed 'nameless' crimes in all directions, ad lib.
  • Extract from : « Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 2 (of 6) » by Havelock Ellis
  • "I needed a job awful bad," I answered sullenly, knowing it sounded like an ad lib.
  • Extract from : « The Old Die Rich » by Horace Leonard Gold
  • He sang the foregoing twice over and then added a chorus, plainly improvised, made up of "Di doos" and "Di dums" ad lib.
  • Extract from : « The Portygee » by Joseph Crosby Lincoln

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