Synonyms for abstaining

Grammar : Verb
Spell : ab-steyn
Phonetic Transcription : æbˈsteɪn

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Définition of abstaining

Origin :
  • late 14c., "to withhold oneself," from Old French abstenir (14c.), earlier astenir (13c.) "hold (oneself) back, refrain, abstain (from), practice abstinence," from Latin abstinere "withhold, keep back, keep off," from ab(s)- "from, away from" (see ab-) + tenere "to hold" (see tenet). Specifically of liquor, attested from late 14c. Of voting, 1796. Related: Abstained; abstaining.
  • verb hold back from doing
Example sentences :
  • Or would you abstain from using the potion altogether, although you have no reason for abstaining?'
  • Extract from : « Laws » by Plato
  • How, then, do they regard your abstaining from calling there?
  • Extract from : « Tony Butler » by Charles James Lever
  • There was much philosophy in abstaining from philosophy overmuch.
  • Extract from : « A History of French Literature » by Edward Dowden
  • This was what he had gained by abstaining from the sight of her for four weeks.
  • Extract from : « The Faith Doctor » by Edward Eggleston
  • But I am not now abstaining from doing so at the first moment when I asked the question.
  • Extract from : « War and Peace » by Leo Tolstoy
  • Abstaining from speech marks him who is obeying the spontaneity of his nature.
  • Extract from : « Tao Teh King » by Lao-Tze
  • Hitherto he had kept himself pure for it, abstaining from all Headache overnight.
  • Extract from : « The Combined Maze » by May Sinclair
  • These were, no doubt, good reasons for abstaining, and they were grand morality.
  • Extract from : « The Amazing Marriage, Complete » by George Meredith
  • I am not sure whether Mohammed kept his resolution of abstaining.
  • Extract from : « A Pilgrimage to Nejd, Vol. 2 [of 2] » by Anne Blunt
  • Their powers of abstaining from food are also very remarkable.
  • Extract from : « At Home with the Patagonians » by George Chaworth Musters

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