Synonyms for absorptive

Grammar : Adj
Spell : ab-sawrp-tiv, -zawrp-
Phonetic Transcription : æbˈsɔrp tɪv, -ˈzɔrp-

Définition of absorptive

  • adj absorbent
Example sentences :
  • Why does under-draining increase the absorptive power of the soil?
  • Extract from : « The Elements of Agriculture » by George E. Waring
  • Perhaps a dark ring of absorptive or occulting matter encircles the nebula in nearly the same plane with the luminous whorls.
  • Extract from : « Astronomy » by David Todd
  • For more complex molecules the radiative and absorptive powers are known to be much greater.
  • Extract from : « Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 1 » by Various
  • This belief in the absorptive virtue of the onion is prevalent even at the present day.
  • Extract from : « Folk Lore » by James Napier
  • All were accepted and intermingling components of a forming society, plastic and absorptive.
  • Extract from : « The Frontier in American History » by Frederick Jackson Turner
  • To reduce the reflection to the absolute minimum, the ships had each been painted with a 99% absorptive black.
  • Extract from : « The Black Star Passes » by John W Campbell
  • The new element became at once the vitalizing power of the "absorptive" or subjugated race.
  • Extract from : « The Quest for a Lost Race » by Thomas E. Pickett
  • Determining, moreover, the absorptive power of those powders, it is found to go hand-in-hand with their radiative power.
  • Extract from : « Fragments of science, V. 1-2 » by John Tyndall
  • It has, furthermore, been proved that the absorptive property of substances increases as their reflecting qualities diminish.
  • Extract from : « Scientific American, Vol.22, No. 1, January 1, 1870 » by Various
  • A deep and absorptive subsoil returns water to the surface, by capillary action, as it is needed.
  • Extract from : « Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study » by Ontario Ministry of Education

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