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Grammar : Adj
Spell : uh-buhv-bawrd, -bohrd
Phonetic Transcription : əˈbʌvˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd

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Définition of above board

Origin :
  • 1610s, from above and board (n.1). "A figurative expression borrowed from gamesters, who, when they put their hands under the table, are changing their cards." [Johnson]
  • As in honest : adj truthful, candid
Example sentences :
  • That's all above board, but by thunder, if it's a fight that you will have, touch that man again.'
  • Extract from : « Micah Clarke » by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • The buyer gains much by being open and above board with the seller.
  • Extract from : « Dollars and Sense » by Col. Wm. C. Hunter
  • I asked him why, an' open an' above board he says: 'Because I'm goin' to get drunk.'
  • Extract from : « Prairie Flowers » by James B. Hendryx
  • My life has always been perfectly open and above board, not like that of my husband.
  • Extract from : « The Opal Serpent » by Fergus Hume
  • As for you and me, we'll make a lot of money and make it fairly and above board.
  • Extract from : « Frenzied Finance » by Thomas W. Lawson
  • Show me a man who's dealing bank; he's free and above board.
  • Extract from : « The Easiest Way » by Eugene Walter and Arthur Hornblow
  • The action of the Popes, on the contrary, has been fair and above board.
  • Extract from : « Ave Roma Immortalis, Vol. 2 » by Francis Marion Crawford
  • Everything was frank and above board in that age of chivalry.
  • Extract from : « History of the United Netherlands, 1600-09, Vol. IV. Complete » by John Lothrop Motley
  • If he were honest and above board, he would go in for her before all the world.
  • Extract from : « Johnny Ludlow, Third Series » by Mrs. Henry Wood
  • I wonder whether that fellow in the train was all above board?
  • Extract from : « A Lively Bit of the Front » by Percy F. Westerman

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