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Grammar : Adv, noun

Definition of obiter

Origin :
  • Latin, literally "by the way," from ob "to, toward" (see ob-) + iter "journey" (see ion). Klein's sources, however, say it is ob- with the suffix -iter in analogy of circiter "about" from circa. Also cf. obituary.
  • As in incidentally : adv by chance
  • As in obiter dictum : noun comment
  • As in comment : noun statement of opinion; explanation
Example sentences :
  • But the judges of the circuit courts know better, and never have enforced that obiter dictum.
  • Extract from : « Arguments before the Committee on Patents of the House of Representatives, conjointly with the Senate Committee on Patents, on H.R. 19853, to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright » by United States Committee on Patents
  • I think you have done wisely, said His Holiness, by way of an obiter dictum.
  • Extract from : « The Mercy of Allah » by Hilaire Belloc
  • This, however, is only an obiter dictum from which many will no doubt dissent.
  • Extract from : « The Uttermost Farthing » by R. Austin Freeman
  • These obiter dicta do not trespass on the domain of artistic genealogy.
  • Extract from : « Donatello » by David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford
  • The assumption in this obiter dictum seemed to be that Rabelais is an obscene writer.
  • Extract from : « Impressions And Comments » by Havelock Ellis
  • Hence he forged his weapon—the obiter dictum—by whose broad strokes was hewn the highroad of a national destiny.
  • Extract from : « John Marshall and the Constitution » by Edward S. Corwin
  • Burr's attorneys were more prudent: they dismissed Marshall's earlier words outright as obiter dicta—and erroneous at that!
  • Extract from : « John Marshall and the Constitution » by Edward S. Corwin
  • The court's decision, obiter dictum and all, extended only to the power of Congress over the Territories.
  • Extract from : « The Negro and the Nation » by George S. Merriam
  • An Associate who does not go into ecstasies of merriment over every joke or obiter dictum from the Bench.
  • Extract from : « Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 103, July 23, 1892 » by Various
  • A few words' on the schools; an obiter dictum on the stations; a good, energetic, Demosthenic philippic against some scandal.
  • Extract from : « My New Curate » by P.A. Sheehan

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