Antonyms for nowheres

Grammar : Noun
Spell : noh-hwairz, -wairz
Phonetic Transcription : ˈnoʊ ʰwɛərz, -wɛərz

Definition of nowheres

Origin :
  • Old English nahwær "nowhere, not at all;" see no + where. Similar constructions were attempted with nowhat (1520s) and nowhen (1764), but they failed to take hold and remain nonce words.
  • As in limbo : noun state of uncertainty
  • As in oblivion : noun nothingness, obscurity
Example sentences :
  • I might have 'em around my grave in the buryin' ground,' I says, 'but nowheres else.'
  • Extract from : « Cy Whittaker's Place » by Joseph C. Lincoln
  • Not with them poor babies in there hungrier'n you be an' nowheres to go.'
  • Extract from : « Friendship Village » by Zona Gale
  • Hell meet me nowheres cept in the court-room down to Sconset!
  • Extract from : « Cursed » by George Allan England
  • Quinn—We've tried that for seven weeks, and it's taken us nowheres.
  • Extract from : « Six One-Act Plays » by Margaret Scott Oliver
  • They're mostly Montanna raised, and they haven't been nowheres.
  • Extract from : « From Sea to Sea » by Rudyard Kipling
  • Eat your supper, Poil; not eating don't get you nowheres with your papa.
  • Extract from : « Just Around the Corner » by Fannie Hurst
  • But not nowheres near as much English, if you could call it that.
  • Extract from : « Gullible's Travels, Etc. » by Ring W. Lardner
  • They don't try to get nowheres, but all they do is play rummy and take in the Majestic.
  • Extract from : « Gullible's Travels, Etc. » by Ring W. Lardner
  • And she had nowheres to go and she had always lived with them white folks.
  • Extract from : « Slave Narratives: Arkansas Narratives » by Work Projects Administration
  • “Oh, nowheres in particular,” said Winnie, with an absent air.
  • Extract from : « Gypsy Breynton » by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

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