Antonyms for noaccount

Grammar : Adj
Spell : noh-uh-kount
Phonetic Transcription : ˈnoʊ əˌkaʊnt

Definition of noaccount

Origin :
  • "worthless," 1845, American English, literally "of no account" (see account (n.)). The phrase of non acompte "of no value or importance" is from late 14c. Contracted form no'count is attested from 1853.
  • As in irresponsible : adj careless, reckless
  • As in unworthy : adj not of value
  • As in worthless : adj of no use; without value
  • As in no-account : adj worthless
  • As in no-good : adj worthless
Example sentences :
  • Fish what just clusterers 'round youah bait an' won't bite at hit noways is jest trifling and noaccount.
  • Extract from : « The Boy Chums in the Florida Jungle » by Wilmer M. Ely

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