Antonyms for nicknamed

Grammar : Verb
Spell : nik-neym
Phonetic Transcription : ˈnɪkˌneɪm

Definition of nicknamed

Origin :
  • mid-15c., misdivision of ekename (c.1300), an eke name, literally "an additional name," from Old English eaca "an increase," related to eacian "to increase" (see eke; also see N). As a verb from 1530s. Related: Nicknamed; nicknaming.
  • As in name : verb give a title
  • As in tag : verb label; attach label
  • As in designate : verb name, entitle
  • As in dub : verb name, label something
  • As in entitle : verb name, label
Example sentences :
  • But Comrade Ossipon, nicknamed the Doctor, had got over the shock by that time.
  • Extract from : « The Secret Agent » by Joseph Conrad
  • Comrade Ossipon, nicknamed the Doctor, went out of the Silenus beer-hall.
  • Extract from : « The Secret Agent » by Joseph Conrad
  • You nicknamed that benevolent Jesuit 'the Chaise of Convenience.'
  • Extract from : « The Memoirs of Madame de Montespan, Complete » by Madame La Marquise De Montespan
  • So mean-looking an individual was this guest that he had been nicknamed "The Scrub."
  • Extract from : « A Nest of Spies » by Pierre Souvestre
  • He killed one poor beast I think we nicknamed him rather appropriately.
  • Extract from : « The Hound From The North » by Ridgwell Cullum
  • Exceptionally tall men were nicknamed 'Gerald' by their friends.
  • Extract from : « A Great Man » by Arnold Bennett
  • He was nicknamed the Ape of painting, from his powers of imitation.
  • Extract from : « Six Centuries of Painting » by Randall Davies
  • They nicknamed him "Happy," his cheerfulness was so invincible.
  • Extract from : « The Trail of '98 » by Robert W. Service
  • In her later years, Miss Peabody was nicknamed "the grandmother of Boston."
  • Extract from : « Four Americans » by Henry A. Beers
  • Also, a fish, the Esox lucius, nicknamed the fresh-water shark.
  • Extract from : « The Sailor's Word-Book » by William Henry Smyth

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