Synonyms for water closet

Grammar : Noun

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Définition of water closet

  • As in lavatory : noun bathroom
  • As in outhouse : noun toilet
  • As in bathroom : noun room for bathing, toilet use
  • As in public bathroom : noun rest room
  • As in rest room : noun bathroom
  • As in toilet : noun bathroom
  • As in can : noun toilet
Example sentences :
  • A water closet, for instance, has not only a sanitary but a moral value.
  • Extract from : « Vocational Guidance for Girls » by Marguerite Stockman Dickson
  • The cup should be emptied into the water closet at least twice a day, and carefully washed with boiling water.
  • Extract from : « The Eugenic Marriage, Vol. 3 (of 4) » by W. Grant Hague
  • After all, it is scarcely fair to condemn outright the water closet as the cause of so many of the ills to which flesh is subject.
  • Extract from : « Scientific American Supplement, No. 384, May 12, 1883 » by Various
  • Some one threw Punch down into the closet; one often lets other things fall down into the water closet.
  • Extract from : « Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology » by C. G. Jung
  • By 1600, the first toilet and water closet, where water flushed away the waste, was built.
  • Extract from : « Our Legal Heritage, 5th Ed. » by S. A. Reilly
  • In London the water companies make high charges for every separate bath and water closet.
  • Extract from : « Britain for the British » by Robert Blatchford
  • If there is an odor about the water closet, try salt first, and then some chloride preparation.
  • Extract from : « Foods and Household Management » by Helen Kinne
  • In all buildings sewer-connected there must be at least one water closet in each building.
  • Extract from : « Elements of Plumbing » by Samuel Dibble
  • All house drains and soil lines on which a water closet is located must have a 4-inch main vent line.
  • Extract from : « Elements of Plumbing » by Samuel Dibble
  • I kept up masturbation almost daily, sometimes twice a day, both in the water closet and in bed.
  • Extract from : « Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 5 (of 6) » by Havelock Ellis
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