Synonyms for warmness

Grammar : Noun
Spell : wawrm
Phonetic Transcription : wɔrm

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Définition of warmness

Origin :
  • Old English wyrman "make warm" and wearmian "become warm;" from the root of warm (adj.). Phrase warm the bench is sports jargon first recorded 1907. Warm up (v.) "exercise before an activity" is attested from 1868. In reference to appliances, motors, etc., attested from 1947. Noun phrase warm-up "act or practice of warming up" is recorded from 1915. Related: Warmed; warming.
  • SCOTCH WARMING PAN. A wench. [Grose, "Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue," 1788]
  • As in warmth : noun heat
  • As in hotness : noun heat
  • As in torridity : noun heat
  • As in torridness : noun heat
  • As in heat : noun high temperature
Example sentences :
  • "I love you, Ollie," she said; the warmness of her body close against his.
  • Extract from : « Life Sentence » by James McConnell
  • And before the said stool it was boarded in under foot, for warmness.
  • Extract from : « English Monastic Life » by Abbot Gasquet
  • There shall be the heat and warmness of life in your graves and buried bones.
  • Extract from : « Letters of Samuel Rutherford » by Samuel Rutherford
  • And how can I express to you, even now, my great surprise at the warmness of my reception!
  • Extract from : « The Romantic Lady » by Michael Arlen
  • On this account they writ to Fucarandono, with all the warmness of an earnest invitation, and sent him word.
  • Extract from : « The Works of John Dryden, Volume XVI. (of 18) » by John Dryden
  • And because Donal knew how frightened she was he had stood so close to her that she had felt the dear warmness of his body.
  • Extract from : « Robin » by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • I took two big maple leaves and they did some help to keep its warmness from my head.
  • Extract from : « The Story of Opal » by Opal Whiteley
  • They might, he said, as well complain against the richness of their soil, or the warmness of their climate.
  • Extract from : « Abridgment of the Debates of Congress, from 1789 to 1856, Vol. II (of 16) » by Thomas Hart Benton
  • They were mysteries before, and lacked the warmness of life and truth; but now I saw them!
  • Extract from : « Campaigns of a Non-Combatant, » by George Alfred Townsend
  • Very distantly, it seemed to him, he could make out a little glow of red and feel a breath of warmness.
  • Extract from : « Murder Point » by Coningsby Dawson

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