Synonyms for walkover

Grammar : Noun
Spell : wawk-oh-ver
Phonetic Transcription : ˈwɔkˌoʊ vər

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Définition of walkover

  • noun breeze
Example sentences :
  • Minute Roarin' Russell finds he ain't got a walkover he'll begin to quit.
  • Extract from : « Rimrock Trail » by J. Allan Dunn
  • As to the fight itself, it was in many ways, no doubt, a walkover.
  • Extract from : « The Egyptian campaigns, 1882 to 1885 » by Charles Royle
  • Don't you believe for one minute we're going to have a walkover.
  • Extract from : « Fast Nine » by Alan Douglas
  • For his victory had not been altogether the walkover he had airily described to Craven.
  • Extract from : « The Shadow of the East » by E. M. Hull
  • It soon became apparent that the teams were very evenly matched, and that neither would have a walkover.
  • Extract from : « The Rushton Boys at Rally Hall » by Spencer Davenport
  • It was a “walkover” soon after the first few innings had demonstrated the superiority of Yale.
  • Extract from : « Baseball Joe at Yale » by Lester Chadwick
  • I supposed that Blaine had a walkover, that he was certain to carry New York.
  • Extract from : « The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 8 (of 12) » by Robert G. Ingersoll
  • "If we stay here much longer Herb is going to have a walkover about winning the silver cup," George remarked, half complainingly.
  • Extract from : « Motor Boat Boys Mississippi Cruise » by Louis Arundel
  • Some think one fellow is going to have a walkover, and others hold different opinions.
  • Extract from : « Great Hike » by Alan Douglas
  • Oh, Miss Van Deusen will have a walkover when her turn for election comes again.
  • Extract from : « A Woman for Mayor » by Helen M. Winslow

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