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Grammar : Verb
Spell : turn
Phonetic Transcription : tɜrn

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Définition of turn down

Origin :
  • late Old English turnian "to rotate, revolve," in part also from Old French torner "to turn," both from Latin tornare "turn on a lathe," from tornus "lathe," from Greek tornos "lathe, tool for drawing circles," from PIE root *tere- "to rub, rub by turning, turn, twist" (see throw (v.)). Expression to turn (something) into (something else) probably retains the classical sense of "to shape on a lathe" (attested in English from c.1300). Related: Turned; turning.
  • To turn up "arrive" is recorded from 1755. Turn-off "something that dampens one's spirits" recorded by 1971 (said to have been in use since 1968); to turn (someone) on "excite, stimulate, arouse" is recorded from 1903. Someone should revive turn-sick "dizzy," which is attested from mid-15c. To turn (something) loose "set free" is recorded from 1590s. Turn down (v.) "reject" first recorded 1891, American English. Turn in "go to bed" is attested from 1690s, originally nautical. To turn the stomach "nauseate" is recorded from 1620s. To turn up one's nose as an expression of contempt is attested from 1779. Turning point is attested by 1836 in a figurative sense; literal sense from 1856.
  • verb reject
Example sentences :
  • Perhaps I should say turn down, for he came in, as usual, by the chimney.
  • Extract from : « The Monkey That Would Not Kill » by Henry Drummond
  • Then he warned her that they had to turn down a long passage.
  • Extract from : « His Masterpiece » by Emile Zola
  • Here we turn down,” said Richling, “into the way of the Naiads.
  • Extract from : « Dr. Sevier » by George W. Cable
  • “Around the turn down at the mouth of the cañon,” the watchman mumbled.
  • Extract from : « The Plunderer » by Roy Norton
  • Ump shouted to turn down into the eddy, and I swung El Mahdi around.
  • Extract from : « Dwellers in the Hills » by Melville Davisson Post
  • Jack Locasto's the last man to turn down a chance like that.
  • Extract from : « The Trail of '98 » by Robert W. Service
  • She didn't say that it seemed a burden to turn down the covers.
  • Extract from : « Elsie Marley, Honey » by Joslyn Gray
  • An' didn't I have to turn down his offer an' hang on to a dollar-a-day job?
  • Extract from : « Oh, You Tex! » by William Macleod Raine
  • Then Anna came and tried to turn down the clothes, but I would not let her.
  • Extract from : « The King's Mirror » by Anthony Hope
  • They turn down the bed clothes and put the cage in it, jar of coals and all.
  • Extract from : « Rollo in Naples » by Jacob Abbott

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