Synonyms for recluse

Grammar : Noun
Spell : noun rek-loos, ri-kloos; adjective ri-kloos, rek-loos
Phonetic Transcription : noun ˈrɛk lus, rɪˈklus; adjective rɪˈklus, ˈrɛk lus

Définition of recluse

Origin :
  • c.1200, "person shut up from the world for purposes of religious meditation," from Old French reclus (fem. recluse) "hermit, recluse," also "confinement, prison; convent, monastery," noun use of reclus (adj.) "shut up," from Late Latin reclusus, past participle of recludere "to shut up, enclose" (but in classical Latin "to throw open"), from Latin re-, intensive prefix, + claudere "to shut" (see close (v.)).
  • noun person who does not want social contact
Example sentences :
  • "It is a long time when it is a year of suspense," said the recluse, shaking his head.
  • Extract from : « Night and Morning, Complete » by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • She did not work as devotedly as she had hoped to do, nor did she become a recluse from society.
  • Extract from : « One Day's Courtship » by Robert Barr
  • He was however naturally of an abstemious and recluse disposition.
  • Extract from : « Imogen » by William Godwin
  • It was Father Sergius's sixth year as a recluse, and he was now forty-nine.
  • Extract from : « Father Sergius » by Leo Tolstoy
  • I am a recluse, have been for many years and rarely stir abroad.
  • Extract from : « Rosinante to the Road Again » by John Dos Passos
  • But we ought to meet at many places, unless you continue to play the recluse.
  • Extract from : « The Crimson Tide » by Robert W. Chambers
  • He may talk to them—he is no recluse; but he must not talk too much about worldly matters.
  • Extract from : « The Soul of a People » by H. Fielding
  • I suppose he has grown a recluse, and does not care to see people.
  • Extract from : « Three Margarets » by Laura E. Richards
  • But the recluse waived the entreaties of the young, happy couple.
  • Extract from : « Eventide » by Effie Afton
  • The recluse of the island had brought it as a weapon of defence.
  • Extract from : « Field and Forest » by Oliver Optic

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