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Grammar : Noun
Spell : puhn
Phonetic Transcription : pʌn

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Définition of pun

Origin :
  • 1660s (first attested in Dryden), of uncertain origin, perhaps from pundigron, which is perhaps a humorous alteration of Italian puntiglio "equivocation, trivial objection," diminutive of Latin punctum "point." This is pure speculation. The verb also is attested from 1660s. Related: Punned; punning.
  • Pun was prob. one of the clipped words, such as cit, mob, nob, snob, which came into fashionable slang at or after the Restoration. [OED]
  • noun play on words
Example sentences :
  • He would have to remember the pun to tell Alec Diger later, if there was a later.
  • Extract from : « The Velvet Glove » by Harry Harrison
  • I explained that he probably intended a pun upon his name, which was Coleman.
  • Extract from : « Frank Fairlegh » by Frank E. Smedley
  • This is a pun, which, profound in itself, you must not expect to enjoy at first reading.
  • Extract from : « Letters of Edward FitzGerald » by Edward FitzGerald
  • "He's a bad pill," said another, repeating a pun already old.
  • Extract from : « Other Main-Travelled Roads » by Hamlin Garland
  • Daniel Purcell, the famous punster, was desired to make a pun extempore.
  • Extract from : « The Jest Book » by Mark Lemon
  • Another made a pun which so pleased the earl that he, too, was set free.
  • Extract from : « Historical Tales, Vol. 9 (of 15) » by Charles Morris
  • The sweetest cottage at twenty pun' a year as I ever set eyes on.
  • Extract from : « The Opal Serpent » by Fergus Hume
  • It was, therefore, in this age that the pun appeared with pomp and dignity.
  • Extract from : « Essays and Tales » by Joseph Addison
  • "Ye may have the dog for a pun'—I'll only ask you a pun'," and he walked away to the window.
  • Extract from : « Bob, Son of Battle » by Alfred Ollivant
  • May I venture to suggest a pun on the preterite of the verb to speak?
  • Extract from : « Notes and Queries, Number 213, November 26, 1853 » by Various

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