Synonyms for peritoneum

Grammar : Noun
Spell : per-i-tn-ee-uh m
Phonetic Transcription : ˌpɛr ɪ tnˈi əm

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Définition of peritoneum

Origin :
  • early 15c., from Late Latin peritonaeum, from Greek peritonaion "abdominal membrane," literally "part stretched over," noun use of neuter of peritonaios "stretched over," from peri- "around" (see peri-) + teinein "to stretch" (see tenet). Related: Peritoneal.
  • As in abdominal muscle : noun intestinal muscle
  • As in chest : noun upper front of body
Example sentences :
  • It is of much more consequence to avoid injuring the peritoneum.
  • Extract from : « A Manual of the Operations of Surgery » by Joseph Bell
  • It is not at all necessary in every case to open the sac of the peritoneum.
  • Extract from : « A Manual of the Operations of Surgery » by Joseph Bell
  • The peritoneum is the membrane which is stretched around the abdomen.
  • Extract from : « Orthography » by Elmer W. Cavins
  • The peritoneum was rough, and coated with the same exudation.
  • Extract from : « An Investigation into the Nature of Black Phthisis » by Archibald Makellar
  • There may be hemorrhages in the glandular tissue or under the peritoneum.
  • Extract from : « Scurvy Past and Present » by Alfred Fabian Hess
  • There was a small quantity of limpid serum in the cavity of the peritoneum.
  • Extract from : « On the origin of inflammation of the veins » by Henry Lee
  • But why do I mention the situation of the bladder, peritoneum, and thorax?
  • Extract from : « On the Natural Faculties » by Galen
  • Care must be taken to include the peritoneum in these sutures.
  • Extract from : « A System of Operative Surgery, Volume IV (of 4) » by Various
  • Were there cysticerci of different kinds in the peritoneum of the rabbit?
  • Extract from : « Animal Parasites and Messmates » by P. J. Van Beneden
  • From the peritoneum his attention was attracted to the liver.
  • Extract from : « Makers of Modern Medicine » by James J. Walsh

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