Synonyms for parental

Grammar : Adj
Spell : puh-ren-tl
Phonetic Transcription : pəˈrɛn tl

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Définition of parental

Origin :
  • 1620s, from Latin parentalis "of parents," from parens (see parent (n.)). Related: Parentally.
  • adj having the quality or nature of a parent
Example sentences :
  • The voice of parental and conjugal tenderness was silent in the grave!
  • Extract from : « Female Scripture Biographies, Vol. I » by Francis Augustus Cox
  • I suspect that he was shocked at my neglect of parental duties.
  • Extract from : « Some Reminiscences » by Joseph Conrad
  • Did they realize that it was poured before the altar of parental devotion?
  • Extract from : « Peak and Prairie » by Anna Fuller
  • The mighty machines were far too powerful for the prejudices of parental hearts.
  • Extract from : « Socialism » by John Spargo
  • And now, together with my parental blessing, I bequeath to you this doll.
  • Extract from : « Russian Fairy Tales » by W. R. S. Ralston
  • But the parental responsibility and merit must be attributed to him who hatches.
  • Extract from : « John Lyly » by John Dover Wilson
  • But ought we not to stir ourselves up with regard to parental duties?
  • Extract from : « Bertha and Her Baptism » by Nehemiah Adams
  • As he neared the parental roof, he let out a series of yells with "Mother!"
  • Extract from : « Watch Yourself Go By » by Al. G. Field
  • So there is both the filial and the parental attitude in patriotism.
  • Extract from : « The Psychology of Nations » by G.E. Partridge
  • A week later the brood is all hatched and the parental troubles begin.
  • Extract from : « Days Off » by Henry Van Dyke
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