Synonyms for one for the road

Grammar : Noun
Spell : rohd
Phonetic Transcription : roʊd

Définition of one for the road

Origin :
  • Old English rad "riding expedition, journey, hostile incursion," from Proto-Germanic *raido (cf. Old Frisian red "ride," Old Saxon reda, Middle Dutch rede, Old High German reita "foray, raid"), from PIE *reidh- "to ride" (see ride (v.)). Also related to raid (n.). In Middle English, "a riding, a journey;" sense of "open way for traveling between two places" is first recorded 1590s. Meaning "narrow stretch of sheltered water" is from early 14c. (e.g. Hampton Roads in Virginia).
  • Modern spelling established 18c. In 19c. U.S. use, often meaning "railroad." On the road "travelling" is from 1640s. Road test (n.) is from 1906; as a verb from 1937. Road hog is attested from 1886; road rage is from 1988. Road map is from 1786; road trip is by 1950, originally of baseball teams.
  • As in stirrup cup : noun farewell drink
  • As in quickie : noun quick drink

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