Synonyms for mosque

Grammar : Noun
Spell : mosk, mawsk
Phonetic Transcription : mɒsk, mɔsk

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Définition of mosque

Origin :
  • 1717, earlier moseak (c.1400), also mosquee (16c.), probably in part from Middle French mosquée, from Italian moschea, earlier moscheta, from Spanish mesquita (modern mezquita), from Arabic masjid "temple, place of worship," from sajada "he worshipped" + prefix ma- denoting "place." Mangled in Middle English as muskey, moseache, etc.
  • noun temple
Example sentences :
  • In the citadel is also a mosque, now building by the order of the Pasha.
  • Extract from : « Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Volume 57, No. 352, February 1845 » by Various
  • Nowhere but at the Mosque, therefore, can they hear what this Khalid has to say.
  • Extract from : « The Book of Khalid » by Ameen Rihani
  • From another part of the Mosque comes the reply: “Ay, he is a Wahhabi.”
  • Extract from : « The Book of Khalid » by Ameen Rihani
  • But for the sake of this beard Sheikh Khalid, do not speak at the Mosque to-day.
  • Extract from : « The Book of Khalid » by Ameen Rihani
  • The church was converted into a mosque in the reign of Bajazet II.
  • Extract from : « Byzantine Churches in Constantinople » by Alexander Van Millingen
  • But next morning, at early prayers, there was a place empty at the door of the mosque.
  • Extract from : « The Scapegoat » by Hall Caine
  • In the mosque of Omar alone ten thousand were put to the sword.
  • Extract from : « Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 59, No. 366, April, 1846 » by Various
  • Sometimes I frequent the Christian cloister, and sometimes the mosque.
  • Extract from : « Bulgaria » by Frank Fox
  • There was nothing particular to see inside the mosque after we got there.
  • Extract from : « Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 22, September, 1878 » by Various
  • Strangers are never allowed, I was told, inside the Mosque of the Sultan.
  • Extract from : « The Philippine Islands » by John Foreman

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