Synonyms for drollery

Grammar : Noun
Spell : droh-luh-ree
Phonetic Transcription : ˈdroʊ lə ri

Définition of drollery

Origin :
  • 1590s, from French drôlerie (16c.), from drôle (see droll).
  • noun whimsicalness
Example sentences :
  • Whittier's play on this fact is in the best vein of his drollery.
  • Extract from : « Whittier-land » by Samuel T. Pickard
  • How I chuckled when I saw that he broke down in his attempt at drollery.
  • Extract from : « Charles Lever, His Life in His Letters, Vol. II (of II) » by Edmund Downey
  • And the Commodore had to wipe his eyes, with the laughter at his drollery.
  • Extract from : « Tony Butler » by Charles James Lever
  • Stapylton joined in the laugh with which M'Cormick welcomed his own drollery.
  • Extract from : « Barrington » by Charles James Lever
  • The herring-agents at the hotel table were full of drollery.
  • Extract from : « Literary Tours in The Highlands and Islands of Scotland » by Daniel Turner Holmes
  • I have said that these illustrations are full of point and drollery.
  • Extract from : « The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 15, No. 87, January, 1865 » by Various
  • Then his face broke into a grin that might hardly be called of drollery.
  • Extract from : « Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates » by Howard I. Pyle
  • "You must have your drollery," he said, unsteadily, at length.
  • Extract from : « Under the Rose » by Frederic Stewart Isham
  • The boy was full of vivacity, drollery, and innocent mischief.
  • Extract from : « Washington Irving » by Charles Dudley Warner
  • I can't help loving that man, for all his drollery and waggishness.
  • Extract from : « The Gilded Age, Complete » by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner

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