Synonyms for blotter

Grammar : Noun
Spell : blot-er
Phonetic Transcription : ˈblɒt ər

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Définition of blotter

Origin :
  • 1590s, "thing for drying wet spots," agent noun from blot (v.). Meaning "bad writer" is from c.1600. Sense of "day book" is from 1670s, and the word was applied early 19c. to rough drafts, scrap books, notebooks, and draft account books. Hence the police jargon sense "arrest record sheet," recorded from 1887.
  • As in notebook : noun writing tablet
  • As in acid : noun lysergic acid diethylamide, lsd
Example sentences :
  • Then he let the pen fall on the blotter, for he had remembered the day.
  • Extract from : « Stories of a Western Town » by Octave Thanet
  • Gertrude glanced up at him, then at her father, and then at the blotter on the desk.
  • Extract from : « Cap'n Dan's Daughter » by Joseph C. Lincoln
  • She took up a pen at this, and opened the cash-book upon the blotter.
  • Extract from : « The Market-Place » by Harold Frederic
  • What I really wanted from her was an inspection of the book and blotter, and a deduction from it.
  • Extract from : « The Million-Dollar Suitcase » by Alice MacGowan
  • A blotter which has one end in water soon becomes wet all over.
  • Extract from : « Common Science » by Carleton W. Washburne
  • It come one day when I was busy drawin' pictures of Piddie on the blotter.
  • Extract from : « Torchy » by Sewell Ford
  • In that case my days are numbered, as the calendar said to the blotter.
  • Extract from : « Frank Merriwell's Races » by Burt L. Standish
  • Yet it was not solid, because Willie could see the blotter through it.
  • Extract from : « The Secret Wireless » by Lewis E. Theiss
  • For a moment he gave his entire attention to the blotter on the desk.
  • Extract from : « El Diablo » by Brayton Norton
  • The Sergeant pulled the blotter toward him mechanically and dipped his pen.
  • Extract from : « Children of the Tenements » by Jacob A. Riis
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