Synonyms for aikido

Grammar : Noun
Spell : ahy-kee-doh; Japanese ahy-kee-daw
Phonetic Transcription : aɪˈki doʊ; Japanese ˈaɪ kiˌdɔ

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Définition of aikido

Origin :
  • Japanese art of self-defense, 1936, literally "way of adapting the spirit," from Japanese ai "together" + ki "spirit" + do "way, art," from Chinese tao "way."
  • As in martial art : noun far eastern discipline or sport
  • As in martial art : noun combat technique
Example sentences :
  • Aikido, The Way of Harmony, teaches tranquility in the use of force, and compares it to the calm in the eye of a hurricane.
  • Extract from : « Sequential Problem Solving » by Fredric Lozo

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