Synonyms for agreeability

Grammar : Noun
Spell : uh-gree-uh-buhl
Phonetic Transcription : əˈgri ə bəl

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Définition of agreeability

Origin :
  • late 14c., "to one's liking," from Old French agreable (12c., Modern French agréable) "pleasing, in agreement, consenting, thankful," from agreer "to please" (see agree). Related: Agreeably.
  • noun amiability
Example sentences :
  • Where have you buried yourself and all your agreeability these ages past?
  • Extract from : « Diary And Notes Of Horace Templeton, Esq. » by Charles James Lever
  • Must I pay you compliments on your agreeability, Mr. Beecher?
  • Extract from : « Davenport Dunn, Volume 2 (of 2) » by Charles James Lever
  • You 'll be charmed with Withering, he has such a fund of agreeability.
  • Extract from : « Barrington » by Charles James Lever
  • I have endeavoured to show in what this agreeability consists.
  • Extract from : « Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 62, Number 385. November, 1847. » by Various
  • The people were not, of course, themselves all marvels of agreeability.
  • Extract from : « Guy Deverell, v. 1 of 2 » by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  • The Marquis, giving all the praise of manners and agreeability to Vienna, sums up all in one prodigious yawn.
  • Extract from : « Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327 » by Various
  • The latter puts forth all his agreeability for the delectation of a grander audience than he ever had at home.
  • Extract from : « Diary And Notes Of Horace Templeton, Esq. » by Charles James Lever
  • Her colloquial excellence and her agreeability are established by the unanimous testimony of her cotemporaries.
  • Extract from : « Autobiography, Letters and Literary Remains of Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale) (2nd ed.) (2 vols.) » by Mrs. Hester Lynch Piozzi
  • Much of the agreeability is due to artificial conditions, but the climate man has not made nor marred.
  • Extract from : « Our Italy » by Charles Dudley Warner
  • She employed always an accomplished gentleman teacher, who added to the agreeability of her home circle.
  • Extract from : « Plantation Reminiscences » by Letitia M. Burwell

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