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Grammar : Verb
Spell : ad-mahyuhr
Phonetic Transcription : ædˈmaɪər

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Définition of admires

Origin :
  • early 15c. (implied in admired), from Middle French admirer (Old French amirer, 14c.), or directly from Latin admirari "to wonder at" (see admiration). Related: Admiring; admiringly.
  • verb hold in high regard
Example sentences :
  • Admires her great qualities, and glories in the friendship between them.
  • Extract from : « Clarissa, Volume 1 (of 9) » by Samuel Richardson
  • I am like the drunkard who admires a temperate life, yet can't pass a ginshop.
  • Extract from : « In the Midst of Alarms » by Robert Barr
  • He will not forget the builder while he admires the architect.
  • Extract from : « A Dish Of Orts » by George MacDonald
  • He admires you greatly, Lucy; he told me so as he took me downstairs.
  • Extract from : « Sir Brook Fossbrooke, Volume I. » by Charles James Lever
  • Beulwitz, the emperor's aide-de-camp, admires her immensely.
  • Extract from : « Jack Hinton » by Charles James Lever
  • The child will not claim it unless he knows his parent and admires or respects him.
  • Extract from : « The Legacy of Greece » by Various
  • Candaules worships you, admires you, and his fault springs only from an excess of love.'
  • Extract from : « King Candaules » by Thophile Gautier
  • He admires the profusion of walnuts, chestnuts, wild apples and plums.
  • Extract from : « The Country of the Neutrals » by James H. Coyne
  • Now, if there is one thing Destiny admires in a man, it is his courage to defy her.
  • Extract from : « Quin » by Alice Hegan Rice
  • If he ever recovers it, he will present you with it; he says if it should cost him £10—for he admires you.
  • Extract from : « Letters of Edward FitzGerald » by Edward FitzGerald

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