Synonyms for abstruseness

Grammar : Noun
Spell : ab-stroos
Phonetic Transcription : æbˈstrus

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Définition of abstruseness

Origin :
  • 1590s, from Middle French abstrus (16c.) or directly from Latin abstrusus "hidden, concealed, secret," past participle of abstrudere "conceal," literally "to thrust away," from ab- "away" (see ab-) + trudere "to thrust, push" (see extrusion). Related: Abstrusely; abstruseness.
  • As in mystery : noun puzzle, secret
  • As in perplexity : noun mystery
  • As in puzzler : noun mystery
Example sentences :
  • But abstruseness is a quality appertaining to no subject per se.
  • Extract from : « Eureka: » by Edgar A. Poe
  • It was true that she had it upside down; but, as he remarked, that only added to the abstruseness of the subject.
  • Extract from : « Katharine Frensham » by Beatrice Harraden
  • It is the abstruseness of the proposition which stimulates research—which stirs profoundly the brain of the thinking world.
  • Extract from : « In Search of the Unknown » by Robert W. Chambers
  • The most wrinkled Æson of an abstruseness leaps rosy out of his bubbling genius.
  • Extract from : « Shelley » by Francis Thompson
  • He further impressed his contemporaries by his psychological profundity and abstruseness.
  • Extract from : « Friedrich Nietzsche » by Georg Brandes
  • Abstruseness in expression is very frequently regarded as an indication of profundity.
  • Extract from : « The Young Man and the World » by Albert J. Beveridge
  • And the important fact is that this abstruseness is not verbal, any more than it is the abstruseness of fog and cloud.
  • Extract from : « Critical Miscellanies, Vol. I » by John Morley

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