Synonyms for abstemiously

Grammar : Adv
Spell : ab-stee-mee-uhs
Phonetic Transcription : æbˈsti mi əs

Définition of abstemiously

Origin :
  • c.1600, from Latin abstemius "sober, temperate," from ab(s)- "from" (see ab-) + stem of temetum "strong drink," related to temulentus "drunken." Technically, of liquor, but extended in Latin to temperance in living generally. Related: Abstemiously; abstemiousness.
  • As in soberly : adv abstinently
Example sentences :
  • He ate on, rapidly but abstemiously, and finished before Mr. Bylash, who had had twenty minutes' start of him.
  • Extract from : « Queed » by Henry Sydnor Harrison

Antonyms for abstemiously

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